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Each week James interviews successful business owners, investors, authors, and artists and uncovers what makes them tick, what disciplines have contributed to their success, and he gets answers to the listener submitted questions you’ve submitted.

Listening to the show is like eavesdropping on two friends discussing the secrets of their success. 

Five star listener testimonials

“I always enjoy James’ curiosity about living life well. His interest in how others seek to accomplish this along with the friendly, engaging manner in which he guides conversations, invites the listener to not only learn from, but to enjoy friends.”

“Get in on the ground floor of an up and coming podcast. James Quandahl explores self-fulfillment with a positive outlook.”

How does James Quandahl define success?

Success is a complete balance between each of the seven spokes on Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life (Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Family, Social/Community, Financial, and Career,) with a curious and enthusiastic focus on daily self improvement, disciplines and habits, commitment to your family and friends, with a passion for supporting your local community, and finally, a selfless love of others. 

Having a sharp and wise mind, a thoughtful and loving spirit, and a strong and vibrant body are key indicators of success.

Success is not grinding away at work for years, with your head down, to buy a big house and obtain an important job title only to look up and find your friends and family are missing or left behind. 

It isn’t grinding away in the gym for hours and never “eating the pizza,” as guest Dr. John Delony shares, to obtain a strong, athletic, and impressive physical body only to have a weak spirit lacking practices of self-examination, gratitude, and other critical spiritual disciplines.

Finally, success isn’t constantly scrolling on social media, being addicted to the news, and watching hours of TV, while leaving no time to stoke your intellectual curiosity through reading a book, learning a new skill or hobby, or thinking deeply

Have you ever met someone and felt immediately that they possessed something different? They have a magnetic energy and you can’t figure out why you want to spend more time with them… You just do.

The James Quandahl Show helps demystify that unique energy and teaches how you too can stand out amongst the crowd. Become a regular listener to the show and learn to become the special person you’re meant to be.