These brands are my personal favorites. I’ve used their products for years and each brand has integrity, quality products, and A+ customer service.

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  • Purity: Not only is this my favorite tasting coffee, but they are also the cleanest I’ve been able to find. Their coffee is organic, contains zero contaminants such as mold and mycotoxins, and is roasted to have 2x the antioxidants of other coffee brands. I also love that they ship coffee as soon as it is roasted. When I receive my monthly bag of Purity medium roast coffee it was roasted only 48 hours earlier. Use code JamesQ for 20% off
  • US Wellness Meats: It’s hard to find quality meat that is grass-fed and grass-finished. My favorite products from US Wellness Meats are their beef salami and summer sausage, beef snack sticks, beef jerky sticks, and raw grass-fed cheeses. And if you’re brave you should try their beef liverwurst or beef braunschweiger which is made from organ meats.
  • Thorne: Thorne is my go to brand for the majority of my nutritional supplements including: vitamin D3/K2 and creatine. I enjoy their Catalyte electrolyte powder during sweaty tennis practices and Thorne’s protein powder works great too! Use my link for 20% off your entire order
  • Four Sigmatic: I add Four Sigmatic’s Lion’s Mane Elixir to my cup of coffee for a bit of extra focus in the morning. When traveling or throughout the fall and winter I add a serving of 10 Mushroom Blend to my glass for a bit extra immune support. Use code JamesQ for 10% off
  • UCAN: UCAN is the secret weapon for most professional athletes. Their patented SuperStarch ingredient has the outstanding ability to provide a steady release of energy without spiking blood sugar levels. Controlling blood sugar is the key to optimizing focus, performance, and recovery. Use code JamesQ for 20% off
  • Essentia: Organic Foam Mattresses— Emily and I purchased our first natural mattress from Essentia last year and it has completely changed our sleep. The mattress is not too firm and not too soft, and completely supports my body when I sleep. I wake up feeling well rested without any muscle tightness, even after most tough workouts in the gym. It helps me recover fully, sleep deeply, and I know that I’m not being exposed to any harmful toxicants. It’s the perfect bed!!
  • Azure Standard: This is where Emily and I purchase 25 pound bags of steel cut oats, peanuts, wheat, corn, and occasionally onions and potatoes. Their prices are 50% less than anywhere else I’ve found comparable items.
  • UNI KEY Health: I interviewed the founder of UNI KEY Health, James Templeton, on my podcast. His product BileBuilder, formulated by his wife Ann Louise Gittleman, has been a life changer for my wife, Emily.
  • Protekt: I’ve used a lot of electrolyte replacement products and Protekt is my personal favorite. It tastes delicious, doesn’t have any added sugars or chemicals, and makes me feel great. I typically enjoy one packet per day in the late afternoon. Use code JamesQ for 15% off

Tools for brands

  • Captivate: This is where I host The James Quandahl Show and they distribute the podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, etc… I debated between a few services when starting the show and my audio engineer James suggested Captivate. I’m glad I took his advice because it has worked flawlessly for my show and they keep adding new features.
  • Opt In Monster: I use this for tasteful popups and inline opt-ins on this website. If you’ve joined my newsletter, you used this tool.