I Trained for a 5k but Accidentally Ran a Marathon

With only 17 hours of training and 92 miles logged I crossed the finish line at the 2016 Chicago Marathon, limped my way the few miles to the charity village and the cold pizza that awaited me, and provided over 75 children with clean water for life.  What if I told you that the day […]

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Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough

The Bible is full of examples of fasting and our modern western Christian culture has all but lost most of them. My friend Trent Holbert suggested I read the book Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough, by Elmer L. Towns, and boy am I glad he did! This book has examples of nine different fasts based on […]

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I have a goal to run a full Marathon. Any suggestions?

You need to do whatever you need to for you to know your mind can handle it. Once you can say with zero doubt that you can complete a marathon, you can! Tactically it’s not that hard to run the 26 miles. But you need the right motivation and the right reason to not quit […]