How to Keep Choosing Yourself When Times are Tough with James Altucher

This is a very special episode because I finally had a chance to record a conversation with someone who needs no introduction for the listeners of this show… my good friend and mentor James Altucher.

During today’s episode we discussed why James believes hosting a podcast is like taking classes from the best professors ever.

The negative effect social media has on our focus, careers, life, etc.

Why we have the tendency to do what is bad for us… even when we know it is bad.

And how James feels it may be good to be a little anxious.

We dig into why he doesn’t consider his writing or podcast to be in the self-help category, and instead how his books are a story of how he helped himself.

Finally, we spoke about the ramifications of James’s viral article, NYC is Dead Forever, Here’s Why, and if James writes to be controversial.

We discussed all of this and so much more in today’s episode, so please give it a listen and send me a message with your thoughts @ JamesQuandahl on Instagram and Twitter… And if you’re enjoying the show please subscribe or follow and share this episode with a friend.

Episode resources

James’s article on anxiety, I need a check for one million dollars

James’s viral article, NYC is Dead Forever, Here’s Why Where you can write 10 ideas per day, join challenges, use AI to create images and ideas, and much much more.

My podcast episodes with Robyn Altucher… Episode 1, Episode 2

My article on James’s book, Skip the Line

Cal Newport, So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Do The Work, by Stephen Pressfield

James Altucher’s blog

James Altucher’s Podcast, The James Altucher Show on Apple Podcasts

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