How to Unlock Your Unrivaled Momentum with Clint Hoopes

Welcome to The James Quandahl Show the space where I interview the world’s experts and share how you can live your life to the fullest and build the life of your dreams.

On today’s episode I sat down with Clint Hoopes.

Clint is the proud father of 6 children as well as a Podcast Host and Executive Coach for Business Owners and Leaders who are husband, fathers, and family men.

We discussed how as high achievers we can kill it at work AND kill it at home.

What DCA is, Desire, Clarity, and Action, and how to use it to level up our lives.

Clint explained what being present at home means to him and shares a moving story of what happened that made his wife kick him out of the delivery room, right after his baby was born, and what Clint did to ensure this would never happen again.

Finally, we discussed goal setting, journaling, celebrating our victories, the comparison syndrome we’re all prone to, and much, much more.

This episode is extra special because it is the one year celebratory episode of The James Quandahl Show. 

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Now… let’s get into this conversation with Clint!

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