Your Life Will Be Reimagined By You or For You with Michael Clinton

Welcome to The James Quandahl Show the space where I interview the world’s experts and share how you can live your life to the fullest and build the life of your dreams.

Today’s episode features Michael Clinton the former president and publishing director of Hearst Magazines and the best-selling author of ROAR— into the second half of your life (Before it’s too late)

He is also a photographer, traveled through 124 countries, ran marathons on 7 continents, started a nonprofit foundation, is a private pilot, part owner of a vineyard in Argentina, holds two master’s degrees, and still has a long list of life experiences that he plans to tackle.

In today’s discussion Michael explains the concepts behind ROAR:

R: Reimagine

O: Owning your stuff— numbers, health, age, finances, etc

A: Action Plan— How to make it happen

R: Reassess your relationships 

Michael shares why it is important to add new people of all ages into our lives.

And answers how we can cultivate curiosity.

Finally, he expands on why it will be a much different world in a decade or two for people over 50 years old and what we can do to prepare for it.

We discussed all of this and much, much more in this entertaining conversation, so please enjoy the show!

Episode resources:

Michael’s website

Michael’s LinkedIn

ROAR, by Michael Clinton on Amazon

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