James Quandahl Shares How To Build the Life of Your Dreams with Host David Wilson

Today’s episode is an interesting one because my friend and former podcast guest David Wilson decided to put me in the hot seat and dig deep into how I set goals and my family dream meeting process.

We discuss how after fifteen years of working in retail I ripped the band-aid off and walked into my boss’s office and quit my job and moved across the country to start completely over.

How this plan wasn’t all I thought it was going to be and actually pushed me into a deeper depression and frantic search to find my purpose and the meaning for my life.
During this search I discovered most self-help books and podcast didn’t help at all and I stumbled across my own full-proof process to identify my true purpose by experimenting, looking into my past, and identifying my strengths.

We discussed all of this and so much more during our conversation, so please sit back and enjoy yours truly in the hot seat. And send me a message with your thoughts @ JamesQuandahl on Instagram and Twitter… And if you’re enjoying the show please subscribe or follow and share this episode with a friend.

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