Using Your Chronotype to Get the Most From Your Day with The Sleep Doctor Michael Breus

Today’s guest is Dr. Michael Breus, also know as The Sleep Doctor.

He’s the best-selling author of The Power of When and Energize! 

During today’s episode we discuss the four chronotypes: Lion, Bear, Dolphin, and Wolf.

And answer if you should be drinking caffeine, and if yes, when it’s best to do so.

Dr Breus answers if your chronotype can change with your work schedule, your lifestyle, or as you age.

Are you part of the popular 4AM rise and grind club? If you are you may be going against your biology and it’s setting you up for failure,

We discuss how there’s much more to sleep than just if you slept or not. You must also investigate the quality of the sleep you’re getting.

We discussed all of this and so much more during our conversation, so please sit back and enjoy the show. And send me a message with your thoughts @ JamesQuandahl on Instagram and Twitter… And if you’re enjoying the show please subscribe or follow and share this episode with a friend.

Episode resources

The Power of When


The Sleep Doctor website

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