Distractions From Creating

Why do I do this to myself? For the second time this week I broke my own rules, conditions, and barriers and gave into the magnetic pull of morning distractions… Here are just a few of my morning temptations: My phone (texts and calls) Twitter and Linkedin (Not sure why I just hit refresh over […]

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As a Man Thinketh

A couple of years ago I thankfully realized that my mind had fallen into an endless cycle of judgement. Strangers I passed on the street were too overweight, dressed in a distracting way, were lazy, or raising their children poorly, my family was focused on the wrong things, unhealthy, victims of their own mindset, and […]

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I have a goal to run a full Marathon. Any suggestions?

You need to do whatever you need to for you to know your mind can handle it. Once you can say with zero doubt that you can complete a marathon, you can! Tactically it’s not that hard to run the 26 miles. But you need the right motivation and the right reason to not quit […]