How History Should Contribute to Your Work and Life with Jordan Raynor

Today’s guest is Jordan Raynor the best-selling author of multiple books I personally enjoyed including Called to Create and Redeeming Your Time. 

Jordan’s newest book is titled The Word Before Work.

During this episode we discuss why Jordan enjoys reading autobiographies from individuals that lived hundreds of years ago.

If fame and fortune should be an indicator or motivator for how we should live.

Why Jordan is planning to be completely off social media before the end of the year.

How he believes following political news is quicksand and how when he worked in politics it made him an angry and bitter person.

Jordan explains how we will all benefit from one true day off each week where we realize our value and worth just by existing and not by producing. In Jordan’s home they celebrate the Sabbath by not doing anything they feel they have to do, but only doing what they feel like they get to do.

Finally, we discuss how Jordan feels true cultural change starts on the ground in the hearts and minds of the citizens.

Episode Resources

Jordan’s website

Jordan’s new book, The Word before Work

Jordan’s book, Called to Create

Jordan’s book, Redeeming Your Time

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