How To Live An Integrated Life with Bill George

Today’s guest is Bill George currently a Harvard Business School Professor, former CEO of Medtronic, which under his leadership grew from $1.1 billion to $60 billion, averaging 35% growth per year. 

Bill also is the author of Discover Your True North and the new Emerging Leader Edition of True North, which we discuss today.

During this episode Bill explains why it’s important to have unscheduled time slots on your calendar and how during that time you can focus on introspection.

He shares that the average leader is spending over 70% of their time in meetings and what they should be doing with that time instead.

We discuss the importance of understanding the values of the individuals you work with and how to determine if your values align.

And we talked about having an integrated life where you’re the same person at work, home, church, and in your community.

Finally, we discuss quiet quitting, remote work, our focus on bachelors degrees, and how we need to encourage more individuals to follow their passions into trades and other fields.

We discussed all of this and so much more during our conversation, so please sit back and enjoy the show.

Episode resources

Bill’s website

Bill’s new book, True North: Emerging Leader Edition

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