The Colossal Difference Between Quitting and Giving Up with Brad Ritter

Today’s guest is Brad Ritter, the author of the book School of Grit.

After graduating from Kokoro camp in 2015, Brad wanted to find a way to serve others and help people take control of their lives and get unstuck. He accomplishes this through a proven system that focuses on your physical, mental, emotional, and warrior spirit. Brad’s job is to help you achieve a goal or produce a certain result.

We discussed how your kids will remember when you’re around, so you’ve got to spend time with them. And after 17 years of marriage, why it is just as important as ever to date your spouse. And that your kids know what’s going on in the house, even at a young age… And if you don’t think so you’re telling yourself a lie.

Brad had a revelation and shared the subtle difference between quitting and giving up which has been extremely helpful for me already!

Are you a people pleaser? If yes, Brad shares that you need to stop saying yes to everything and teach yourself how to say no.

Do you know how to ask for help or are you someone that doesn’t like asking for help? If you’re the later, like me, you’ll need to start working on it.

Finally we discussed how to turn off the internal chatter and resistance by figuring out the real reason you’re working on a difficult task or project.

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