How to Reach Financial Independence and Create a Family Legacy with Scott Ford

Today’s guest is Scott Ford whose a Jiujitsu loving, woodworking, beekeeping entrepreneur who is also the managing director, partner, and wealth advisor at Carson Wealth. 

Influenced by his father, Scott has always had a passion for small businesses and entrepreneurship. When his own father couldn’t find financial freedom, he knew what he needed to do with his life.

Scott’s mission is to spread education about finances and finally give people the tools that they need to reach financial independence through financial wisdom.

During this episode Scott and I discussed how to create a family constitution, family bank, and what it takes to build a 7-generation family legacy like the Rockefeller’s— one that will stand the tests of time.

He shared what many billionaires don’t have, but what many people with only a small amount of money in the bank have, and explained the the difference is between hoarding and giving.

Finally, Scott taught me what an infinite entrepreneur is and why is’s important to begin focusing on self healing first, then we, and then everyone else.

There is so much value packed into this short episode, so please give it a listen and send me a message with your thoughts @ JamesQuandahl on Instagram or Twitter… And if you’re enjoying the show please subscribe or follow and share this episode with a friend.

Episode Resources

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