Building a Dream Kinda Tiny Home and Life with Paul Risse

Welcome to The James Quandahl Show the space where I interview the world’s experts and share how you can live your life to the fullest and build the life of your dreams.

You are in for a treat with this episode in which I sat down with a fellow dreamer, Paul Risse.

What would happen if you tried to build your own home from the ground up with zero experience and zero money? Where you had to wait to get paid even to buy the most basic of parts like screws.

In the middle of this project would you give away your only mode of transportation to friends in need?

Paul explains how reading and writing became a daily habit when he grew up in a household with zero TVs. And how much this has helped him be a creative thinker.

We pondered why we focus on what we disagree on more than discussing and working together on the common ground which I believe is actually a much bigger slice of the pie? 

Paul believes attitude is everything and that we can be gentle with the truth. 

Please sit back and enjoy our conversation. 

Episode resources:

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The Psychedelic Christian, by Paul Risse

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