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After almost two decades James Quandahl left his successful retail career behind to build businesses and pursue his passion of learning something new each day and sharing it with others. James reads at least one book each week and devours the podcasts, blogs, magazines, and presentations from leaders in business & marketing, self-help, health & wellness, and fiction and poetry.

On James’s podcast The James Quandahl Show he interviews the world’s experts to uncover how you can live your life to the fullest, be present and connect deeply with others, and build the life of your dreams.

In 2015 and 2016 James raised over $6,000 to provide safe access to clean drinking water for 125 children by running two marathons on team World Vision. In 2015 James received a private invitation to visit NASA’s Space Launch Complex at California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base. Here he got a private front-row experience tour, met with NASA’s administrator Charlie Bolden and the head the NASA’s earth sciences department, and even got to see the mission control center.  

In 2017 James managed the launch of the Christian Gratitude Journal on Kickstarter where 598 backers pledged a total of $28k to produce the journal. He lead the launch of the Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestselling book Boundless written by New York Times bestseller Ben Greenfield. Since then James has lead book marketing seminars and helped several authors write, publish, and promote their bestselling books.

James’s agency, Craven Street Marketing Group, helps natural product’s companies sell more on Amazon and has helped its clients grow revenue by millions of dollars.

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After writing a review of James Altucher’s book Skip The Line, James was selected for a one on one mentorship by James Altucher. The entire mentorship is being recorded and released as podcast episodes on The James Altucher Show.

  1. Make You a Millionaire! James Quandahl EP01: The Skill of Interviewing
  2. Make You a Millionaire! James Quandahl EP02: Spoke-and-Wheel Techniques!
  3. Make You a Millionaire! James Quandahl EP03: Becoming more than an Amazon Ninja!
  4. Make You a Millionaire! James Quandahl Ep04: When you’re good at something, make a course out of it!
  5. Make You a Millionaire! James Quandahl EP05: When what you love intersect with what you good at, is Passion, When what you love intersect with what the world
  6. Make You a Millionaire! James Quandahl EP06: How successful can a new agency be nowadays?
  7. Make You a Millionaire! James Quandahl EP07: The Importance of networking and building a personal relationship!
  8. Make You a Millionaire! – James Quandahl EP08: The Birth of PodPub
  9. Make You a Millionaire! – Annual Meeting 2021 with Jen Glantz, Paolo, James Quandahl, and Jay the Engineer!
  10. A ‘Make Me a Millionaire’ Mentee’s Musings | James’ Interview on “The James Quandahl Show”

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