True Friendship, Dream Jobs, Interviews, Relational Wealth, Toxic People, and More with Zoe Simek

Friendship is such a crucial part of a meaningful life. ‘Relational wealth’ is a term today’s guest uses to help people reprioritize friendship and invest intentionally. She is a living testament to the social fortune one can gain with consistent and purposeful engagement.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

-When the dream job isn’t all you hoped it would be…05:15

-The recipe for a full life of purpose…08:45

-How to evaluate if an opportunity is right for you…10:45

-Job interview processes: 30 seconds or 12 hours?…14:00

-what to do when people don’t get along at work: Fight for relationship!…18:30

-The hunt for meaningful personal relationships…21:40

-The compliment/ask strategy and a lofty New Year’s resolution…24:40

-Consistency yields so much fruit…29:30

-The people who mean the most to her help her know when it is time to stop…32:15

-Criteria for a great friend…36:00

-What to do if you move to a new city to jump start true relationships…41:00

-The shock factor of vulnerability…46:00

-Reciprocity of initiation: A fresh perspective to drop all offenses and keep reaching out to people…47:55

-Intentional goals for intentional relationships…51:30

-One single person cannot meet all of your needs. We need a community…54:00

-Enduring challenges with friends, knowing what’s toxic, and when to end it…59:50

-Friendship in and out of seasons; communication is key…1:02:20

-Navigate toxicity in your life: not everyone’s mic needs to be turned on…1:05:30

-Make a conscious choice to assume the best intentions of others…1:09:10

-A communication challenge for all from Zoe…1:12:05

About the guest:

As a SAG stuntwoman, black belt, and self-taught hip hop dancer, Zoe has quite an eclectic skill set that propelled her into the entertainment industry. As an entrepreneur, Zoe is passionate about helping others build ‘relational wealth,’ inspiring her audience to become this different type of “rich.” She leads a tribe of “anti-small talkers” on her podcast Accidentally Intentional – dedicated to having meaningful conversations that build us.

Resources mentioned:

Zoe’s website

Zoe’s Instagram

Accidentally Intentional YouTube

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