Presence Part 2: 14 Intentional Strategies to Stay Connected with your Spouse with James and Emily Quandahl

If time is our most valuable resource, then connection and presence is the greatest gift we can give. Emily Quandahl joins her husband in this second installment of a series on Presence. Listen in for 14 strategies they use in their marriage to stay connected and present with one another.

Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode:

-Learn to speak your spouse’s love language…01:40

-Games at dinner!…03:00

-Sharing meals together and slowing down; make it a sacred activity…05:15

-Daily walks; rain or shine…07:30

-See the sunset as often as possible…09:51

-Rituals; create a legacy of rituals for your family…13:40

-Family board meetings…17:30

-Support and encourage dream fulfillment…18:25

-Shared hobbies…19:45

-Phase? What phase? Never grow out of the honeymoon…21:10

-Date nights…22:20

-Surprise! Love notes and unexpected gifts…26:05

-Screenless Sundays…28:30

Resources mentioned in the episode:

James Quandahl Show episode with Hilda Labrada

How to Make Your Honeymoon Last Forever Blog Post

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