Phillip Stutts On Self-Love, Finding Balance in a High Achieving Life, Pandemic Related Labor Market Shifts, Lifelong Growth, Self-Motivation, and ADD as a Superpower

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Phillip Stutts on the podcast, and he’s a CEO, founder and best-selling author. He has worked in corporate and political marketing with multi-billion dollar budgets and has worked with fortune 200 companies, presidential candidates, and been a contributor for ESPN, CBS, CNN, and much, much more.

Today we talked about what it’s like to be a lost soul and a wantrepreneur, and how ADD can be a superpower. We also covered how businesses and intellectual support, and that success in business can come from a desire to compete with yourself. And it doesn’t always have to mean you’re competing with the other people in your industry.

It can just be about becoming the best version of yourself. And we talked about how in 2022 Phillip’s word for the year is humility and how he has realized the importance of loving himself and how much that will help him grow in his marriage and as a parent and how we shouldn’t numb our feelings.

We should learn to feel our feelings. Finally, we cover how you can still love yourself and learn to grow no matter what your age is. There was so much more in this conversation and I hope it really helps you as you kick off the new year.

In this conversation with Phillip, you’ll hear:

-Compete with yourself rather than with others…02:30

-Business is an Intellectual Sport: know your strengths and close your gaps…06:30

-Core value of growth…09:45

-ADD is his superpower and also his kryptonite…12:15

-Labor market shifted from community focus to the purpose of the individual…15:45

-Stay ahead of the curve to recruit and retain the best employees…20:30

-The full cost of an unbalanced life…23:00

-The roadmap to bring balance to a high-achieving life…26:55

-Love yourself (the good parts and the bad) to love others…30:50

-The pain of changing is rough, but it’s temporary…35:00

-Marketing: how we serve (not win over)…38:50

-Self reflection along the way vs. from the mountaintop…40:00

About the guest:

Phillip is the founder and CEO of Win BIG Media(a corporate marketing agency) and Founder/Executive Chairman of Go BIG Media (a political marketing ad firm). Phillip has spoken in front of 50 million+ people in his career, he’s repped by VaynerSpeakers (Gary Vaynerchuk’s speaker bureau) and Keppler Speakers (largest speaker’s bureau in the U.S.) and made more than 350 national media appearances including ESPN, CBS, FOX BUSINESS, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, and CNN.

Phillip has been interviewed by renowned business, entertainment and health leaders including: Anderson Cooper, Gary Vaynerchuk, Peter Diamandis, James Altucher, Michael Hyatt, Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew Pinsky, and Dr. Steven Gundry. Phillip has written multiple best-sellers, including his latest book titled “The Undefeated Marketing System: How To Grow Your Business and Build Your Audience Using The Secret Formula That Elects Presidents” (which hit the top #65 out of 6 million titles on Amazon).

FOX BUSINESS has lauded Phillip for creating “a marketing system that has generated record sales” for his clients and also described him as a “marketing genius.”

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Resources mentioned:

Phillip’s Website

The Undefeated Marketing System, by Phillip Stutts

The Gap and The Gain: The High Achievers’ Guide to Happiness, Confidence, and Success

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