Why Lifestyle Entrepreneur Jason Wright Left a Steady Gig to Pursue Real Freedom

Jason Wright purchased his first company at 28. He spent the next sixteen years owning and operating multiple businesses, from restaurants to real estate to construction.  Jason outlines his entrepreneurial escape from corporate confines in his book, Push Play: Taking Your Life Off Pause.

In my conversation with Jason Wright, you’ll learn:

-Why climbing the corporate ladder wasn’t Jason’s cup of tea…02:18

-Plan B (bankruptcy)…08:18

-How would Jason feel about himself had he stuck with the corporate plan…15:06

-What was the “last straw” that led to Jason leaving his corporate gig…16:51

-How to have the confidence you won’t sink if you take a risk…20:24

-Getting started as an entrepreneur without ditching your job right out the gate…28:00

-What Jason is working on right now…33:05

-Is “enough money” an amount or a state of mind?…41:16

-What free things bring Jason joy?…45:57

-How to foster a healthy mentality in our children…52:31

-How to thrive at home and at business…58:46

-Considering balance when designing the day…1:04:26

-How Jason defines meditation…1:07:13


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