Steel v. Velvet: Jason Wright Returns to Discuss Romance, Real Manliness, and How to Keep Your Girl At Your Side Forever

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is a special episode of The James Quandahl Show because I had the opportunity to chat again with my good friend Jason Wright. You may remember when Jason wowed everyone sharing his wisdom as one of the first guests on the podcast last year and during this conversation he did it again.

We spoke about marriage, romance, making your spouse and daughters laugh, and how important it is to not focus on the small things that won’t matter on your 50th wedding anniversary.

Jason shared some of his family’s rituals and traditions, how he’s tried to be an example for his daughters and encouraged them never to settle when dating, and he shared how loving your wife well is masculine and should be encouraged.

Please enjoy this episode and tell someone special in your life that you love them.

In my chat with Jason Wright, you’ll hear:

-What keeps Jason’s “spark” alive with his wife…04:05

-The one move that will sweep your gal off her feet every single time…07:30

-The two times couples most often split…09:30

-Knowing when to display your manliness by showing your “soft” side…15:00

-Balancing temporal ambition and eternal family obligations…24:15

-Is it appropriate to yuk it up with a previous spouse “for the good of the children?”…32:01

-Neuroplasticity, and showing forgiveness toward he who it is impossible to forgive…36:43

-How to nurture a marriage between two people who won’t quit no matter what…41:00

-Why we need to allow our children to navigate the perils of life on their own terms…47:00

-Children become their parents, for better or for worse…53:12

-How to make your kids with you, not at you…59:14

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