Debt Free Degrees, Financial Freedom, How to Win with Money, Compound Interest of Relationships and More with David Wilson

When I heard David Wilson’s story on Ramsey Solution’s first feature length documentary, Borrowed Future, I was impressed with his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to live a life that’s against the grain. It’s difficult to delay gratification now to achieve an even better life later, but this has become a staple of David’s story.

David worked hard, saved money, and graduated with a four year degree completely debt free. During our conversation we talked about what he learned pursuing this debt free degree and how to win with money. We also went deep into a discussion of relationships, friendships, and some of our past mistakes.

Thank you for listening to the show and please enjoy this episode.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

-“Borrowed Future,” a Dave Ramsey documentary on student loans…01:30

-The average student loan payment is $400 a month; if that goes on for 20 years that has a profound impact…02:45

-Thoughts about changing mindsets to pay down student debt faster than the minimum payment each month…04:30

-A high school personal finance class and a chance encounter with Dave Ramsey through that class changed the trajectory of his life…06:20

-The road to a debt-free degree really starts in middle school…08:35

-At age 24, David has the freedom to do what he wants with his life…11:55

-Cultural narratives that have glorified certain “dream schools” for young people…15:50

-Determine whether or not you even need to go to college…18:00

-Alternative paths to professional success; like a business investing in your potential and paying for your degree…21:00

-Make a smoothie of all of the best points of what you read; you can learn a great deal following the rabbit trail of your own interests…23:30

-What David imagines his life will look like at age 30 (he is currently 24)…27:45

-What it takes to go from working for a company to working for yourself…29:00

-It is very important to be very picky about who you surround yourself with…31:45

-Abundance mindset of leadership: a great leader wants their people to outgrow opportunities and move on to bigger and better things…34:50

-Compound interest of people…35:30

-WOU: Winning Over Others does not foster the depth of relationships that David wants…37:20

-Who is in you inner circle? In your close 15? We are wired to only have 150 people in our tribe…39:15

-Hallway conversations: Some of the best ideas come from serendipitous meetings where you can read social cues on faces and meet relational needs…44:30

-Relationship vampires: how to know if you are evaluating fairly when picking your top relationships…46:40

-If you love someone and you want them in your life and the contact pattern is you reaching out, that is just how that relationship goes. Keep calling…50:30

-Give to a relationship with no expectation in return; model our relationships after Christ’s example…53:05

-Competition as a strength can present complications for relationships; Self awareness is really important with this strength…58:10

-Get money out of the way so people can focus on the bigger things of relationships and faith…1:02:05

-You can’t force anyone to financial advice; Live a life that inspires curiosity from others…1:04:35

-Follow David and see what he is up to and support his work and passion…1:06:50

Resources mentioned:

David’s website

Borrowed Future

Guest’s social media handles





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