Honeymoon Bike Tour Teaches Tim Bishop Deep Life Lessons and Prepares Him for Ministry and to Write Books

Today’s guest is my friend Tim Bishop. Tim is a chess expert, investor, and author of multiple books including Wheels of Wisdom and Hedging Demystified.

In this episode we discussed what it was like to get married after being single for 50 years and how as a newlywed Tim embarked on a 3000 plus mile bike tour. Talk about getting to know your spouse on the honeymoon!

We also talked about chess, writing books, taking adventures, connecting with others, and how it’s important to spend time in solitude reflecting on those small desires and goals that may have been with us since childhood.

Please enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed getting to know Tim.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

-How the honeymoon husband/wife bike trip across America came to fruition…02:15

-How Tim basically built his own career, and a discussion on true happiness…08:20

-How an encounter with “the dark side” prepared Tim for ministry in dark places…17:00

-Newlyweds bonding while bike-trekking across the country…24:40

-Why Tim and wife simply are not wired to quit, even in the most arduous circumstances…34:30

-The process for capturing the memorable stories throughout the journeys…39:12

-How to internalize meditations and reflections via “osmosis”…45:08

-The growing ignorance of biblical solutions to the challenges of our times…50:48

-How to get out of our comfort zone and make a greater impact in our world…56:10

-Finding decent hotels in unknown places…1:01:15

-James and Tim geeking out on chess…1:06:55

-How to get in touch with Tim…1:16:00

-And much more!

About the guest:

After a thirty-year career in business, Tim Bishop left his corporate treasurer position, married his dream girl, and embarked with her to parts unknown—on bicycles. Ten thousand miles later, the first-time newlyweds wrote four books about their cycling adventures. Their devotional, Wheels of Wisdom, won four first-place book awards. Publishers Weekly dubbed it “a road map for life.”

A Christian since age eight, Tim volunteers as a coach for a ministry that reaches people who are dealing with challenging life issues, meeting them at an Internet chat window with the love of Jesus. He is a regular contributor of articles for and has been a part of three church plants. These faith experiences have given him an evangelist’s heart to reach people in creative ways.

A University of Maine graduate and a CPA, Tim penned a business book, Hedging Demystified, which helps readers manage financial risk. He is also a three-time Maine State Chess Champion.

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