Robyn Altucher on Quality Friendship, the Dangers of Gossip, and Intuitive and Intentional Child Rearing (Part 2 of 2)

On this two part episode of The James Quandahl show I had the opportunity to go deep in conversation with Robyn Altucher on the subjects of friendship and parenting. 

This episode is part two and in it Robyn shared how to teach your children morals and values at a young age, and that we don’t need to hide our emotions from our children… It’s healthy to be sad, unhappy, and grieve in front of them.

Robyn shared how to keep going forward and instill a positive mindset in kids, even during extreme heartbreaks that no kids should ever be exposed to. And she shared how raising her children in countries outside of the US impacted them.

If you missed part one, please go give that one a listen too. 

You’ll learn all about friendship and how to make friends and be a good one.

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode with Robyn Altucher.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

-Teaching kids right from wrong; it must start very young…01:30

-Cultural differences around child rearing practices; ultimately follow your instinct…77:45

-When I meet my children’s friends, I feel like I see who their parents are in their actions…11:15

-Robyn’s thoughts on the trend for parents to be ‘friends’ with their kids…16:05

-Mothers are the first role models for daughters and fathers are the role models for sons…19:35

-James encourages Robyn to create content about intentional parenting and friendship…23:00

-It’s healthy to let your kids see your full emotional spectrum; Robyn had to do this through extremely difficult circumstances…26:10

-Robyn’s wisdom comes from a lifetime of practicing resilience through challenging trials…32:30

-The sad reality of assisted living for elders in the US vs. Robyn’s experiences in other countries…36:20

-It is so important to follow your instincts over fads and trends in parenting…45:10

-And much more…

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