Make More, Save More, and Give More than Ever Before with Bob Lotich

In today’s episode with Bob Lotich we discuss how to make more, save more, and give more money than you can ever imagine.

In his early 20’s Bob found himself at his breaking point… Overwhelmed by debt and stranded 1,000 miles from home with only $7 to his name.

Fast forward to today, Bob’s reached a level of financial freedom he never dreamed possible: owning a paid off house by age 31 and even reaching his family’s personal goal of giving one million dollars by age 40.

Listen to learn how to start giving money to others and how Bob’s family is currently giving away over 40% of their income.

We also discussed how to evaluate risk, follow your passions, and how to start a business of your own.

You’ll learn why you should to stop comparing yourself to others, and how you should be playing in a completely different ball game all together. Also, why it’s important to say no to the flesh, and discover how to be successful in taking a full day of rest each week.

We discussed all of this and much, much more in this episode, so please enjoy!

In this episode with Bob Lotich, you will discover:

-Fear: shine a light right on the worst case scenario and you will likely see it isn’t that bad…02:30

-How Bob went from corporate ladder climbing to self-employment…05:45

-Who to surround yourself with when you are charting your own unique path…08:30

-It’s good to work, even with passive income…11:25

-The courageous story behind Bob’s blog…13:00

-Turning down great financial offers to follow God’s calling…16:40

-Qualities of a great wife; what to search for while courting…19:00

-Understand each others strengths and learn to yield to your partner’s strengths…22:00

-Take advantage of NOW; use money during opportune seasons of life…24:00

-Die With Zero (link book) When you know if you have saved enough for retirement and can stop contributing…25:55

-Link to book Moving Mountains by Archie Laturo in a bullet to this note Use your age as your giving percentage (Bob gives 41% of his earnings currently)…28:20

-Net worth and money given metrics prove that giving increases earning…30:50

-Don’t wait to be debt free before starting to give; lead with giving…34:30

-The 1% principle of giving; you won’t even feel it…36:10

-When you track ‘net given’ rather than ‘net worth’ you step out of the rat race and enter a completely different race…39:10

-Saying “no” to the flesh; the greatest antidote to greed is giving…42:30

-How to include your children in developing healthy financial mindsets…44:55

-Estimates of time for financial goals are often grossly overestimated because of unforeseen factors…49:20

-People and resources that shaped Bob’s financial mindset…51:40

-Sabbath is sacred; give yourself rest…55:20

-Your Sabbath rest should reflect the opposite of what you do during the week…1:01:45

-Advice for the young blogger or podcaster…1:03:15

-Hobby to profession: when to make the switch…1:07:45

3 Day Money Challenge…1:10:45

Resources mentioned:

Seed Time website

Seed Time Featured YouTube




Preorder Bob’s book on Amazon

Die With Zero, by Bill Perkins

Mover of Men and Mountains, by R.G. LeTourneau

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