Robyn Altucher on Quality Friendship, the Dangers of Gossip, and Intuitive and Intentional Child Rearing (Part 1 of 2)

On this two part episode of The James Quandahl show I had the opportunity to go deep in conversation with Robyn Altucher on the subjects of friendship and parenting. 

This is part one and in it we discussed what traits will make you a quality friend, how to spot a disingenuous friendship, and why you should quit gossiping right now. 

Robyn also taught me how to make new friends when you move to a new location and the value of surrounding yourself with passionate people from different walks of life with different hobbies and ambitions.

In part two we go much deeper on raising children to be greats friends, how to be resilient through trauma, and to have morals at a young age. So, don’t miss that episode which will be released next week!

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode with Robyn Altucher.

In this conversation with Robyn Altucher, you’ll hear:

-The basics of making friends when you arrive somewhere new…01:55

-How Robyn grieved the loss of her husband in a new place with new people…05:30

-She developed a quick intuition about people during her years as a hairstylist…09:05

-She plays a protective role for her family training them to read body language…12:50

-The ‘No Gossip’ rule…15:05

-Trustworthiness: the character trait that takes time to discover…21:20

-Friendship categories…28:25

-Start a hobby and look for friends who can make you better at it; shared passion breeds great friendships…32:10

-Follow your curiosity: the fine balance between sticking with a commitment and letting go of what you learned you don’t like…37:00

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