Relationship Strategies that Really Work, Cutting Through Tension in Families and Work Places, Communication Gems to Stay out of Negative Relational Cycles, and Writing Advice with PeggySue Wells

Today I spoke with PeggySue Wells the bestselling author of 30 books including the What To Do Series, The Slave Across the Street, Bonding With Your Child Through Boundaries, The Ten Best Decisions A Single Mom Can Make, and her upcoming book, The Patent.

Have you ever sat around a dinner table or walked into a business meeting and felt a tension in the air? During our conversation on relationships we discover this tension’s cause is the five R’s:

1) Rejection

2) Resentment

3) Resistance

4) Revenge and

5) Repeat

And how being aware of this cycle can help us break free and flourish in our work and home relationships.

PeggySue taught me an invaluable question to ask in tense situations… “What did you hear me say?”

We ended our conversation by discussing the process of writing books and how PeggySue has been able to write over 30 books, coach others to write their first books, and how all of us can become a writer.

Please enjoy this insightful conversation with PeggySue, I sure did.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

-How to treat relationship with family members vs. colleagues…01:35

-It is possible to be your real, authentic self at the workplace…05:45

-The 5 R’s in real life…08:45

-How to acquire the self-awareness to know when you are in the cycle of R’s…13:05

-The opposite tactic is to engage…15:30

-“Kill ’em with kindness”; The antidote to revenge is generosity…18:45

-Ask the other person what they heard AND accept their answer…23:15

-Summarize meetings afterwards to communicate “this is what I heard”…26:15

-We speak the same language differently…28:20

-What to do when people are not safe…30:40

-Forgive, but you don’t have to forget…32:15

-What to do to protect yourself when you have to still be around an unsafe person…35:45

-Parenting is all about teaching how to have emotions and how to contain them…37:45

-REPEAT: the toxic patterns in relationships…40:35

-The best we can do is stick to the facts…45:00

-Most of what people say or do has nothing to do with us…48:30

-How PeggySue finished 30 books!…52:15

-PeggySue’s professional writing services…55:30

-What PeggySue is working on currently…1:00:40

-Writing is a team sport: accountability is crucial…1:03:05


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