Distractions From Creating

Why do I do this to myself? For the second time this week I broke my own rules, conditions, and barriers and gave into the magnetic pull of morning distractions…

Here are just a few of my morning temptations:

  • My phone (texts and calls)
  • Twitter and Linkedin (Not sure why I just hit refresh over and over on these pages sometimes… This is why I deleted Facebook and Instagram because they were even worse for me!)
  • Email and Slack
  • Feedly feeder app
  • Craigslist (Not sure why I love checking the gigs and for sale pages so much…)
  • Next Door neighborhood site
  • Voxer

The day goes much better if I can start the day without being pulled into one of these land mines.

No matter how much “work” I accomplish in a day if I didn’t create something new I feel like it was a lost day. 

What have I put in place to protect me from falling into this trap?

  1. I keep my phone on do not disturb, not in the bedroom and in the complete opposite corner of my home.
  2. My laptop is closed and also in the furthest corner.
  3. I don’t have Twitter or Linkedin on my phone and my email is setup to work on WiFi only.
  4. I keep WiFi off in the house. So in case I do initially fail (which I often do) and grab my phone there is some extra effort required to get distracted.

Yes, I have literally booby trapped my morning to keep me on target!

These distractions pull me away from creating something new. I know they do. And yet their pull is magnetic. Sometimes it feels stronger than gravity. Even with all I have put in place to prevent it, I oftentimes still fail. 

While writing this I made a mistake and didn’t put my computer on airplane mode. I just got an extremely tantalizing email… I must not check it…






Okay, I’m back! I had to check that email and reply. Then I had to check my calendar. And then I had to set a reminder to follow up on it. 

What was I writing about? 

Oh yes, not getting distracted away from creation. Oops!

I guess I am not an expert and I’m looking for your tips! Please let me know what has worked for you.

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