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I have a goal to run a full Marathon. Any suggestions?

You need to do whatever you need to for you to know your mind can handle it. Once you can say with zero doubt that you can complete a marathon, you can! Tactically it’s not that hard to run the 26 miles. But you need the right motivation and the right reason to not quit halfway through. Because after 20 miles your mind makes it easy to say you did a good enough job and drop out. 

That is why I ran for Team World Vision and raised money from friends and family. It kept me accountable to actually finish and not let them down. I’m sure if it was just my own motivation I couldn’t have done it. My brain was fighting me the whole time wanting to quit. And with each mile that idea seemed more and more beautiful.

“When your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re really only 40 percent done.”

David Goggins

Another great option is to run it with a friend that has completed a marathon. They will help make sure you don’t quit too.

The physical ability to run a marathon is the easy part.

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Im going to start off with, I like this one a lot. You are crushing it with this blog, keep going brother. You are absolutely right, the hardest part is the fight with your mind not to quit. I’m going to quote David Goggins on this one with the 40 percent rule: when your mind is telling you that you are done, you are really only 40 percent done. You have another 60 percent left in your tank that your body is capable of, if you push through the fight your having with your mind. I feel like not to many people have pushed them selves to surpass that 40 percent. I have experience this only a couple of times in my life and they were always life changing for me. Boost my confidence and it made me feel like I can do anything. It’s a huge eye opener every time you push yourself passed the point of what you think your body can handle.

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