No More Excuses

I have been doing a horrible job with some of my daily habits: writing, reading my Bible, visiting and calling my friends, listening to podcasts, reading books, and much more.

Why would I allow current events to cause my habits to slip?

What habits, if any, have you fallen back on?

Why do you think that is?

For me, I am just using the craziness of the world as an excuse. I have just been lazy. Why should what is going on in the world affect what is going on in my home? I worked hard to build these habits and now decided I could sit back and take a break. How weak is that…

It should actually be easier than ever for me to stick to my habits because there is less distractions than there used to be. Last year I quit reading and watching the news, so that isn’t a distraction, and I have been avoiding going out in public as much as possible. So, how can I possibly be using this as an excuse?

When I take a few days off my habit of working out, reading the Bible, praying for my friends and family, or whatever I am actually building a new habit. A habit of not doing these things. That is why you shouldn’t take a break.

Today you can reset. Get back in shape with your career, your physical, spiritual, and intellectual health, as much as possible your social life, your finances, and your relationships with your family. 

What have you been avoiding? 

Do what you have been avoiding right now, today, and tomorrow.

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