How to Live Like a Gypsy, Cultivate True Friendships, and Learn to Keep Living After Losing Your First Love with Robert Pardi

Robert Pardi was born in NYC and is one of those rare individuals who embraces change and lives what he calls “possibility in action” – taking his desire for transformation and putting it into action daily. 

He received his MBA from Columbia University and was quickly recruited by the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, one of the largest sovereign wealth funds. 

Shortly after, his wife Desiree, was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Unfortunately, she passed 11 years later. After, throwing caution to the wind, Robert leapt from his comfort zone. He changed careers and moved to the same Italian village his great grandfather immigrated from over 100 years ago.  

Robert is now a certified life coach, adjunct professor, international guest speaker, and the Author of Chasing Life – The remarkable true story of love, joy, and achievement against all odds.

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month head to to learn more.

In this episode with Robert Pardi, you’ll learn:

-The risky endeavor of moving to Arizona without the immediate support of family or friends…02:28

-How to go about making new friends when you move to new places often…14:08

-What is required to maintain a real friendship…19:34

-Keeping the right perspective with our experiences, good and bad…22:51

-How to stay connected to what’s important, whether near or far…33:13

-What makes us so afraid to be vulnerable in our lives…39:42

-How to live our fullest life in spite of our fears…48:45

-How certain parts of Italy have managed to retain a sense of community in real time (sans Facebook)…56:43

-And much more…

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Robert’s website

-Robert’s book Chasing Life: The Remarkable True Story of Love, Joy and Achievement Against All Odds

My podcast w/ Rabbi Daniel Lapin




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