Becoming the Best Husband and Loving Your Wife Well with Dr. Gil Stieglitz

Today Dr. Gil Stieglitz and I sat down to discuss how I can become a better husband. Dr. Gil is the author of the book Becoming A Godly Husband: The hardest thing a man will ever do is really love his wife. In this book he breaks down dozens of proven tactics into an easy to remember acronym:




Building Unity/ Direction




We spoke on the difference between saying I’m sorry and asking for forgiveness. How to show praise, ignore criticism and extend comfort instead. And how Dr. Gil agrees with me that we should be staying on our honeymoon forever and that we need to continually put effort into our marriages.

We covered all of this and much, much more on this episode, so please enjoy!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

-Common turning points in marriage where separation is more likely to occur…03:20

-What women are deciding they no longer like about their husbands…05:00

-Where we should have been learning relationship skills before our 20’s…10:50

-Men don’t know how to meet women’s emotional needs…13:00

-This wisdom can be taught to sons and daughters..16:35

-A story about living with your wife in understanding…19:05

-Questions that you can ask to start the dialogue towards understanding…23:20

-Help your children plan their lives…27:15

-If there is a problem in your marriage, it is one of the categories in the HUSBAND acronym…31:15

-It takes about 3 1/2 months to prove to your wife that she is the most important thing in your life…34:15

-How to recover when you don’t pass the woman’s test…38:05

-Sarcasm is good for presentations, but bad for interpersonal relationships…45:45

-Be open to feedback from the person who probably knows you the best…52:00

-Security allows a wife to blossom…1:00:35

-“Do you want me to listen, or do you want me to help fix this?”…1:07:05

-Emotional connection and physical intimacy; the delicate dance of which comes first…1:11:30

-How to identify warning signs early enough to save a marriage…1:16:40

-Where you can follow and support Dr. Gil Stieglitz and his work…1:24:30

About the guest:

Dr. Gil Stieglitz is a prolific author, engaging speaker, change directing catalyst, encouraging pastor, dynamic professor, insightful counselor and relentless leadership coach. He now serves as Pastor to Staff at Bayside Church, a dynamic Multi-site Church on the Northside of Sacramento, CA and as president of Principles to Live By, a parachurch organization committed to causing as many people as possible to live by God’s amazing principles. He and his wife Dana enjoy a ridiculously delightful life in Northern California.

Resources mentioned:

Principles to Live By website

Dr. Stieglitz’s Online Course

Becoming a Godly Husband, by Gil Stieglitz

Free Audio Course w/ Gil

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