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Wise Men Wednesday: Wisdom for Home and Business 06/09/2021

Welcome to Wise Men Wednesday, your weekly dose of wisdom to thrive at work and at home.

Reader’s choice

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Can you believe it’s already been six months since I first launched the Wise Men Wednesday newsletter? To celebrate I want to share the most popular posts from the past six months.

Let’s call them the reader’s choice posts.

If you haven’t read all of these yet please jump in and enjoy.

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Last chance to take the 7Fs survey

My friend Tim Schmidt wrote a book titled What Really Works: Blending the Seven Fs to Live with Less Stress, and Lead with Less Fear.

In his book, Tim writes about the Seven Fs and how to use them harmoniously to bring satisfaction to your life. Here are the Seven Fs in alphabetical order:

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Finances
  4. Fitness
  5. Friends
  6. Fun
  7. Future

I want to help you achieve success in each of these buckets, but to do that I need to know where you are currently.

Will you please spend four minutes and take my Seven Fs assessment?

Your responses will be kept anonymous and are not linked to you in any way. I will use the collective results to gauge what we need the most support with. Then I will bring Tim Schmidt and other experts onto my podcast to discuss the specific tactics for improving upon our opportunities.

Words of wisdom… We need each other.

“Imagine some catastrophe that wipes out all human beings but one. Surely the survivor is the wealthiest human to ever inhabit the planet. The survivor owns not only Fort Knox but also all the gold beneath the offices of the Federal Reserve in NYC. He has access to every safe deposit box and owns every office building in the heart of every city. He owns more airplanes and yachts than have ever been owned by anyone in all of human history.

You might peer into the daily life of this unprecedented tycoon. What does he do once the sun goes down on his first day as ruler of the world? Why, read by candlelight of course, because lights no longer go on at the touch of a switch. Nobody is left to operate the electricity utility. At first, he will eat fairly well, at least until the grocery stores run out of produce. Sooner or later, even the canned foods will spoil. At that point, he had better hope that his first harvest ripens successfully before he starves to death.

He may desire to travel. At first, he is free to choose any car on the road because they all belong to him. However, sooner or later they will all have empty gas tanks and will become quite useless to him. If he can catch a horse, he might be able to travel at a faster rate than he could walk, but that is his best hope. On his own, he could not operate a refinery to produce the petroleum that would so ease his life. It quickly becomes apparent that the “richest man in history” is enjoying a living standard slightly below that of a third-world subsistence farmer.

In contrast, the more opportunities people have to interact and to convey information to one another, the more wealth is created for every participant.”

-Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s book Thou Shall Prosper

Something to think about

I came across this excellent tweet from Joe McBreen on Twitter:

“When fish are jumping into the boat, everybody thinks they are great fishermen.

When the fish aren’t jumping in the boat, you must come face to face with what your skills are.

What skills in your life are crucial right now? Communication? Influence? Self-motivation?”

Have a great rest of the week!

James Quandahl

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