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Wise Men Wednesday: Wisdom for Home and Business 01/06/2021

Welcome to Wise Men Wednesday, your weekly dose of Christian wisdom to thrive at home and in your business.

This weekend my wife and I put together an easy 300-piece puzzle. It didn’t take very long, but the time spent was a much better bonding experience for us than sitting on the couch watching TV. As I shared in my ScreenLESS Sunday post:

ScreenLESS Sunday is a welcome break from the dopamine rush of scrolling on my laptop and phone. Sunday is now a sacred day of rest from all screens. Instead of reading the news on my phone, I read my local newspaper. Rather than refreshing my email for the umpteenth time I only check it three times. And instead of watching two hours of Netflix I play Monopoly, Skip-bo, or Farkle while enjoying a bowl of popcorn.

ScreenLESS Sunday helps my wife and I get more quality time together. This helps us nourish our relationship, especially since this is both of our number one Love Languages.

It is important to find activities that you like to do on ScreenLESS Sunday that aren’t tied to a screen. My favorites are to read a hardcover book, take a long walk, play tennis, cook, listen to music, and play board games.

Posts I recently published:

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Words of wisdom:

100 Tips for a Better Life

Some of my favorites:

8. When buying things, time and money trade-off against each other. If you’re low on money, take more time to find deals. If you’re low on time, stop looking for great deals and just buy things quickly online.

32. Make accomplishing things as easy as possible. Find the easiest way to start exercising. Find the easiest way to start writing. People make things harder than they have to be and get frustrated when they can’t succeed. Try not to.

34. How you spend every day is how you spend your life.

58. Some people create drama out of habit. You can avoid these people.

92. You have vanishingly little political influence and every thought you spend on politics will probably come to nothing. Consider building things instead, or at least going for a walk.

My 4 Favorite Blogs/Newsletters from 2020:

James Altucher:

James looks at life through a different set of glasses than almost anyone else I read and oftentimes forms an unpopular opinion. He makes wild predictions months or years in advanced that often come true and is not afraid to admit when he was wrong. James is not only ahead of most trends, but also pivots unbelievably fast… He keeps up with current events by interviewing experts and shares well thought out novel perspectives.



Marginal Revolution:

Sometimes an overwhelming amount of content written is by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok on this site, but it is worth subscribing to because they stay current on much of what is happening in the world around us. It was interesting to watch as they learned about epidemiology in real time as the 2020 pandemic unfolded. They took their decades of experience in economics and applied it to understanding the pandemic.

Pat Walls:

Pat founded Starter Story which interviews successful entrepreneurs and shares how they got started and what they have learned along the way. Helping people like you and I avoid learning many lessons the hard way and shaving years off the process. I like his personal blog because you get a rare behind the scenes look at the unfiltered daily ramblings of an entrepreneur building a business. The highs and the lows. I admire that he donates to charity every day he doesn’t post on his blog.

Paul Graham:

How to think for yourself

Have a great rest of of the week!

James Quandahl

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