Charitable ways to use $5.00

  1. sBuy a stranger’s coffee
  2. Refill a stranger’s parking meter
  3. Buy a small meal for a houseless person
  4. Mail ten letters of gratitude
  5. Tips a customer service employee
  6. Donate school supplies to a classroom
  7. Bake cookies for the police station or fire station
  8. Write thank you notes to all of your children’s teachers
  9. Buy a used book you love and gift it to a neighbor
  10. Drive to a senior home and spend time with a resident
  11. Donate to a charity
  12. Give a cup of quarters to kids at the arcade
  13. Give a cup of quarters to a family at the laundry mat
  14. Buy bottles of water and give to runners at a 5k
  15. Wash a friends car
  16. Make an arts and crafts project with a senior home
  17. Buy dog treats for your neighbor’s dog
  18. Put money into an offering plate at a church
  19. Buy canned goods for a food bank
  20. Buy a pair of warm socks, gloves, and a hat to give to a houseless person
  21. Buy toiletries to give to a homeless shelter
  22. Write thank you notes to soldiers that are deployed

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