If the Benefits From Cold Water Swimming Were From a Drug They’d Be Illegal with Dr Mark Harper

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On today’s episode I had a chance to chat with Dr. Mark Harper the author of the brand new book Chill: The Cold Water Swim Cure.

Mark Harper is a consultant anesthetist at Sussex University Hospitals both in the UK and Norway. He’s a co-creator of Chill UK a nonprofit whose aim is to provide courses in cold water swimming in order to improve mental health.

Mark and I discussed the countless physical and mental benefits of getting exposed to cold water. How you can create a cold water swimming plan, and if it is better to get into 68 degree water or 55 degree water. Mark taught me how to control my breath before getting into the water and also the signs to pay attention to in order to be aware that it’s time to get out of the water. 

We also considered how to make cold water swimming or dipping fun by finding a community of like minded people and sharing in the adventure together.

We covered all of this and much much more, so please enjoy our conversation. 

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Dr Mark Harper’s book

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Sea Sure in Brighton

Mental Health Swims

Kindergarteners at Prairie Sky School in Regina

Krasnoyarsk kindergarten kids take part in very cold looking ICE SHOWER

James getting in the cold water in Norway

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