Don’t Waste Your Life: Bill Perkins Shares How To Design and Live A Full and Successful Life and Die With Zero

Welcome to The James Quandahl Show the space where I interview the world’s experts and share how you can live your life to the fullest, be present and connect deeply with others, & discover your unique calling.

On today’s episode I had a chat with Bill Perkins, the author of the game changing book. Die With Zero. This book, and Bill’s approach to life in general, is a completely untraditional, but refreshing and thought provoking path for living a full and vibrant life.

Bill has developed systems and mental models to get the most out of his short time here on earth and to live a life with little regrets.

Please listen in and hear how many of the traditional ways of living may not be the most effective.

Episode resources:

Bill’s book, Die With Zero

Bill’s Twitter

Bill’s Instagram

Bill’s company SKYFI

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