How I Read So Many Books in One Year

I often get asked how I am able to read so many books each year. Here are a couple of the rules I follow that help me to read at least one book per week.  Use the local library: I get almost all of my books from my local library. If you haven’t been to yours lately […]


Charitable ways to use $5.00

sBuy a stranger’s coffee Refill a stranger’s parking meter Buy a small meal for a houseless person Mail ten letters of gratitude Tips a customer service employee Donate school supplies to a classroom Bake cookies for the police station or fire station Write thank you notes to all of your children’s teachers Buy a used […]


The crucial conversation lesson I learned the hard way

If you manage others you have probably ran into a similar situation to the story I am going to share. You may have handled it differently a with more skill than I, but my hope is that my error will improve the way you handle yourself in situations such as this in the future. A […]